For the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ

Movie critique; ‘Son of God’

Son of God movie posterThis writer viewed the ‘Son of God’ movie last night with much anticipation of how Hollywood was going to handle this latest epic about the Lord Jesus Christ, his life and his mission.  Amid much critique by other bloggers and other writers, it still ranks a four-star rating from this writer.

There has been some accusations by some branches of Christianity that it contained a lot of New Age overtones, however, this writer did not see any overt or gratuitous New Age pandering.  The only thing that this writer can surmise is that some Christians (non-Pentecostals) might view the scenes where ‘Jesus’ is prophetically seeing near future events; namely, Judas’ betrayal and his own subsequent crucifixion.  But for the Pentecostal side of the church, amazingly, this scene was well done.  Because in this writer’s opinion, that is exactly how one sees prophetic visions given by the Holy Spirit.

Now…there are some issues that this writer did have with this movie: for one thing the director placed certain events out of order.  The Gospel writers place Jesus’ proclamation in the synagogue that the prophecy was being fulfilled in their ear at that moment at the beginning of his ministry.  The director took liberties with this text and placed it near the end of his ministry.  However, if one can say it quite this way; the crucifixion was tastefully rendered and the earthquake scene at the moment of Jesus’ death was great cinematography in this writer’s opinion.  Plus, the resurrection footage was also well done and Jesus’ entrance into the locked rooms of his disciples showed a tenderness in that Jesus shows the nail holes in his hands to Thomas.  But again, in the Gospels, Thomas was not present the first time that Jesus revealed himself post-resurrection to his disciples.  Jesus presented himself a second time in which Thomas was finally present.  Another issue that this writer was disappointed in is that the director presented a montage of certain biblical events regarding Jesus i.e., his baptism as an afterthought, if you will.  Then as Jesus is leaving the temple, he tells a child that “no stone will be left upon another, not one,” when in the Gospels, he tells his disciples as they are sitting on a hill looking down at the temple mount.  However, again here is a praise for the movie; the director included a short reference to the book of Revelation with the Apostle John in exile on the Isle of Patmos, with Jesus coming to him and proclaiming that He is the Alpha and Omega.  This has not been included in any other Jesus film that this writer knows about.  Plus, this writer gives much kudos and applause to the writers who included Mary Magdelene along with Jesus’ male disciples (although there were quite a few women disciples following Jesus), but at least it shows the truth even as the Gospel narratives record the fact that Jesus had women disciples as well as men. While there can be given some literary license in how things are portrayed by Hollywood, when it comes to the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, remaining true to the Biblical narrative is the best course of action.

Over all, despite the fact that critics are citing that Diogo Morgado presents a ‘hunky, and hot Jesus’ suitable only for Hollywood should be overlooked and more weight given to the Gospel narratives with the end result being that those people who have never known that much about the Lord Jesus Christ may want to look deeper into the matter.  This movie can be used as a great Evangelistic tool by Christians as long as the correct Gospel narratives are supplied to those that are seeking the one and only, Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth.


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