For the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ

How to commit the perfect exegetical fallacy

BibleThis handy-dandy list will help to keep you in total spiritual darkness. It is a guaranteed way to disable your ability to understand Biblical passages and it will totally ensure that you will never be able to teach others.


•When reading the Bible, only read the verse you want to study
•Make sure you never broaden your horizons by reading the context
•Absolutely never use a concordance to do word studies
•Do your word studies based only on your own understanding
•Don’t forget to proof-text
•Always lift your particular Bible verse completely out of context
•If any questions pose themselves to you….quickly block them out
•Read only those books that you already agree with: in this way you always remain in your comfort zone
•Limit any spiritual maturation to the bare minimum
•Absolutely NEVER ask the Holy Spirit to teach you what the biblical passage means

In order to heighten the proper steps you should take there are three step-by-step photos that will possibly help you to understand at a deeper level.

Never study the Biblical context - How to commit the perfect exegetical fallacy
        Photo: J. Robinson

Step One- Only study the verse you are reading.  Never study the context because you might actually learn something.  Therefore, read…read…and re-read the verse if you must.  This is also the best way to engage in proof-texting as well.

Never perform Biblical word studies - How to commit the perfect exegetical fallacy
        Photo: J. Robinson

2.  Step two: Absolutely never even begin a Biblical word study, because once again….even as noted in Step one, you might actually learn something and this is a big NO-NO in “How to commit the perfect exegetical fallacy.”  So never look up any Koine Greek words in a Greek lexicon.

Never use a Bible Concordance - How to commit the perfect exegetical fallacy
        Photo: J. Robinson

3.  Step three: Never ever even buy a Bible concordance let alone use one if you already have it in your library.  There is simply just too much information in them and it might cause an uncomfortable feeling in your brain as it is stretching whenever learning occurs.  PUT IT DOWN NOW!


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