For the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ

I’m Tired

Boston Harbor



When this writer was a teenager in the 1970’s, Dave Loggins came out with a song that touched my heart, even as it still does today.  Perhaps because it is ‘heart music’, you know…the music that touches your heart when you are young…and consequentially, you remember it your entire life.  What song?  It was called, “Please come to Boston.”  Part of the lyrics were:

Please come to Boston for the Springtime

I’m stayin’ here with some friends and they got lots of room

You can sell your paintings on the sidewalk

By a cafe where I hope to be workin’ soon

Please come to Boston

She said – “No- would you come home to me?

So why did this song come up in my memory at a time when tragedy struck in Boston during the Marathon?  Perhaps because it was an image of a simpler time…when we as Americans didn’t have to worry about bombs exploding at our national events or even during normal everyday things like walking on a sidewalk or sitting at a cafe drinking a brisk cup of tea.  At any rate, the following is a poem I wrote because of what happened in Boston.


I’m tired

of hearing screams and cries

seeing people distraught

and running into fear

from fields of war like

Georgetown…New Town…

Kent State…Columbine…

Virginia Tech…and Boston

I’m tired

of seeing

teddy bears and bouquets

candlelight vigils

for those we’ve lost

tragedy striking

at such high cost

I’m tired

of seeing America

ripped into shreds

by people who dread

to keep the peace

our Second Amendment

rights being shot to hell

our minute-men

didn’t hesitate to

shoot to kill

the Revolutionary war

set us free

what indeed are we waiting for

I’m tired

Since I am a strong Second Amendment advocate, perhaps indeed Americans need to pass “Carry and conceal” laws in each and every one of our States as well as not hesitating to use force to take down the morons who want to destroy the United States of America.  Let the Stars and Stripes fly forever free.


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