For the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ

Ivan Parker: Southern Gospel artist

Ivan ParkerIvan Parker was in concert at the Hargrove Chapel at Lincoln Christian University on March 23, 2012 and the audience loved every minute of his performance, giving him at least five standing ovations.  Ivan Parker sang such favorites as:

  • Proud to be an American
  • Midnight Cry
  • Alright

His opening act was the Ball Brothers, whose concert this writer already reviewed.  Ivan Parker was down-home and during intermission made available to his fans the opportunity to have concert goods autographed.  He also made available a t-shirt that was patriotic in nature which went well with the song, “Proud to be an American.”  His fans eagerly filled the lobby and gladly waited in lines to buy his latest CD’s as well as the t-shirt, waiting for the shirt to be autographed as well.

Ivan Parker’s testimony is this: he says he was “saved at age 9 in his daddy’s church in Sanford, when an evangelist preached a fiery sermon on the rapture of the church and heaven. “I remember that night well,” he said. “I was sitting on the back row with all my friends. When the invitation was given, I couldn’t get to the altar fast enough. My mom and dad had always told me that whenever it came to salvation, I couldn’t get to heaven on their experience – I had to have my own” according to

Ivan just recently has allowed his son, Josh Parker to begin touring with him since he just recently graduated from Cumberland University with a degree in music.  He performed a guitar solo of the song, “Shout to the World” and the audience sang along with great pleasure and favored him with a standing ovation as well.

For the remainder of the month of March, Ivan Parker will be singing in Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia and Mississippi.  If interested in finding possible tour dates in your area, you can go to and then go to his concert.  All said and done, the evening was a delightsome treat and well worth attending.


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