For the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ

Connecting with Christian women in fellowship

Stonecroft1As a Christian it is critical to be in fellowship with other Christians, since being in fellowship gives one a sense of participation in the wider body of Christ.  While local churches do provide fellowship and Bible studies, whether in large or in smaller cell groups; sometimes an individual if they are between churches and trying to find a new place to connect, groups like Stonecroft offer to fill that void.  Even after you have connected into your local church, participating in other Bible studies and fellowship groups helps to round out one’s Christian experience.

Stonecroft Ministries is for Christian women and they help women connect with other Christian women through:

  • Connect with women
  •          Through meaningful relationships
  • Connecting with your comumunity
  •           Through small groups and large events
  • Connecting with God.
  •            Faith rooted in Biblical truth

Stonecroft Ministries is an international Christian organization that helps women strengthen their friendships, family and faith.  Stonecroft Ministries has been helping Christian women for 75 years and has 25,000 volunteers leading local groups.  They are currently in all 50 states in America and are located in over 60 countries.

If interested in finding a group near you, you can contact their main headquarters located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Stonecroft Home Office Phone: 1.800.525.8627 FAX: 1.816.765.2522 E-mail:

Street Address: 10121 Grandview Rd. Kansas City, MO 64137

The local group that this writer connects with offers monthly luncheons at a reasonable price plus Bible studies and prayer groups.  Usually, at the luncheons, they have a guest speaker who serves up contemporary information on such timely topics as home organization, musical instrumentation, Christian testimonies and a number of other relevant topics each month that can give interesting information that is sure to strike a chord with most people.  The best thing of course is fellowshipping with other Christian women.


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