For the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ

Mother’s Day celebrates Mothers and Motherhood

Mother’s Day will be celebrated on May 13th, 2012 and we will celebrate the state of Motherhood across this nation.  Mothers everywhere will be honored and children will be expressing their thankfulness for their Moms.  Florists will be especially busy as this is their version of  Black Friday and Saturday, in that their phones will be continually busy and the door to their stores will be constantly letting in new customers ready to purchase that dozen of eye-popping red roses or a bouquet of their Mother’s favorite flowers.  Telephone companies also report that this is one day that the telephone lines are fairly jumping as children everywhere call their Mother’s to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day.

But there is one Mother who has been honored because of her pure obedience to God through her faith in God by allowing the Holy Spirit to hover over her and cause her to be with child while she was yet a virgin.  Mary like all Mothers demonstrated the sacrifices that she would have to make in her capacity of Mother through her obedience to God.  Her first sacrifice was in her submission to allow the Holy Spirit to conceive the Messiah in her womb.  Why was this a sacrifice?  In the day that Mary lived, if a girl or a woman, according to the Mosaic Law, was found to be with child it was tantamount to an admission to the charge of either fornication or adultery and the sentence was death by stoning.

Mary, as a devout Jewess, knew the penalty for the sin of adultery.  For her to agree to this showed her total trust in her God, that He would provide a way around the impending accusations of adultery and the ultimate price of her death.  The Mosaic Law was very clear on this subject; if a girl or woman was out in the field and was attacked, she had to scream for help even if there was no one who could help her.  In these cases there was mercy.  However, if she was in the city and attacked, it was an admission of consent if she didn’t scream.  Mary was also cognizant of the shame that would be placed upon her and her family, as well as Joseph, her espoused husband.

In Jewish society, being espoused was the same as being fully married in the sight of the Law.  When a couple became espoused to one another, the bride usually went to the groom’s parents’ house and lived with her husband-to-be for up to one year, learning to live together.  The groom’s mother would teach her daughter-in-law how to please her son and prepare her to be a good wife.  When the time (up to a year) was almost complete the date for the consummation of a newlywed’s marriage vows was set by the local Levitical priest.

Therefore, when Mary had to tell Joseph that she was already pregnant, even though Mary told him that she had an angelic visitation, Mary was totally trusting God that He had prepared Joseph to receive this information.  The Scriptures relate that later that night, Joseph had a dream given to him by God, telling him to not to fear to take Mary as his wife.

Christians can be thankful for these two very faithful people, Mary and Joseph who allowed their God to work so mightily in their lives.  As Mary found out, being a mother usually entails great sacrifices.  Mothers all over the world make these sacrifices each and every day, such as giving the last piece of cake to their child instead of themselves, staying up late to wash and dry the clothes that their family will need for the next day, etc.  The list could go on and on without end.

So here’s to all of the Mothers who give so much to your families.  God Bless you on this Mother’s Day.


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