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Reasons why the “Reason Rally” remains really unreasonable

The Washington D. C. National Mall was used this last weekend, Saturday,  March 24, 2012 for the “Reason Rally,” which was sponsored by those who  hold to the idea of atheism.  Atheism is the belief that there is not any  one Divine Creator that has created all that we now see, hear, smell, taste or  touch.  The word, “atheist” comes directly from the Koine Greek, with the  central word in Greek being “theos” for God.  Subsequently, the alpha  privative (a) was added which implies negation of the central idea, thus  rendering the meaning as “no God.”

CNN’s Belief Blog reported that:

David Silverman, chairman of the event committee and president of the  American Atheists, said the rally is aimed at uniting atheist organizations and  letting the religious know that there are nonbelievers among them.

“We need to stress to the theists that we are here,” Silverman said. “Atheism  is growing in all 50 states. What people don’t seem to understand is all we  demand at American Atheists is equality.”

So let’s examine what David Silverman said at this “Reason Rally,” shall  we?  He states that the reason for this rally is so that theists or  Christians will be made aware that there are atheists or non-Christians among  us.  Really?  I think Christians already know this fact.  We’ve  been aware of these facts for the last two thousand years or so.  Of  course, this predates David Silverman, so perhaps he is unaware of the fact that  Christians already know these facts.  He continued, stating that  “…all we demand at American Atheists is equality.”  Really?   His request is rather unreasonable, isn’t it?  After all, does not our  great American Constitution already guarantee that all Americans  are equal in the sight of the law?  Yes. The First Amendment  in the Bill of Rights already guarantees him and other people of the same  atheistic persuasion the right to freedom of speech and religion, or in their  case, the right to refuse to have a religion.

CNN also reported what Richard Dawkins had to say:

Dawkins, who is widely regarded as the most respected figure in atheism, is  lending his voice to this event because he says freedom for atheists is “constantly under threat from people who would like to turn this country into  some sort of a theocracy.”

Technically, this is a Republic and this writer has difficulty with the  concept that there are people who wish to turn this Republic into a  theocracy.  Wouldn’t Americans have to vote on such a reform movement as  Dawkins asserts?  The Constitution of the United States of America  scrapped?  The idea that Dawkins asserts is highly untenable.  More  unreasonable reasonings from the Reason Rally to be sure.  Christians would  applaud the conversion of anyone coming out of the ranks of atheism to become a  devoted follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.  There will however be a day  when the King of Glory shall return, and when He does return, He will set up a  theocratic monarchy.  But since atheists do not believe in God, they will  to their own delight not be present at such an inaugural moment as this, i.e.  the Coronation of the King of Kings.  We shall indeed see that God will  never force anyone to love and worship Him, but he leaves the eternal choice up  to each individual to determine their own eternal destination.  God is  always fair.  Isn’t God good!  All Christians know the answer to this  statement:  “ALL THE TIME!”

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